Coarse Talent Pathway

The Angling Trust Tackle Guru Coarse Talent Pathway is a program for seasoned young match anglers that have a grounding match fishing. During the two training sessions and final they will receive in-depth coaching from England Internationals Matt Godfrey, Frankie Gianoncelli and James Dent. The course is intense and designed to develop anglers skills surrounding international and continental style fishing, with the aim to build up knowledge, practice and experience for the final session that will be used to select the England Under 15s team that will represent the country in the World Championship in Serbia in summer 2024 (4th August to 12th August).

Young anglers are invited to apply and if selected can enter the Talent Pathway programme which aims to coach anglers into selection for the Under 15s Coarse England team, this selection is made by coaches and team managers at the final.

To take part in the pathway, there are strict minimum standards that must be met in order to enter the course and ensure anglers are comfortable in the Pathway environment:

  • Anglers must have good match fishing experience, this is not a beginners fishing course and having experience fishing competitive matches is essential.
  • Anglers must have a 13m pole with at least 3 match top kits and a cupping kit that are all the same length.
  • Anglers must be capable of setting up, fishing and packing up without any help or interreference from parents or guardians.
  • Anglers must be able to prepare their own tackle and bait to a high level at home with a heavy focus on hook tying, pole rig making and groundbait mixing.
  • Waterproof clothing and sensible footwear will be needed on every session.

To participate in the Talent Pathway programme, you must be aged over 10 years old and under 15 years old on 31st December 2023. N.B. this date range is subject to change.

If selected for the Angling Trust Tackle Guru Talent Pathway the entry cost is £100 and each angler will receive a Guru and Mainline Match groundbait and prep pack worth over £100, plus coaching from England internationals on all three sessions, with day ticket money also included.

The three sessions will be held at Makins Fishery

Coaching Session 1 – Saturday 16th March 2024

Coaching Session 2: Saturday 30th March 2024

Final Assessment- Saturday 6th April 2024

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Applicants should be under 15 and over 10 years of age on 31st December 2023

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